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+net support in dissarray


+net support in dissarray

Is +net support in disarray?

I should think so.

A while back I requested a regrade, kablamo - 30minutes later I had a response for the regrade, I had to pay £15.

Requested my mac last week, took 2 days (I ended up calling them)

Request for refund/arrangement for refund as a result of my migration--- I have had no reply from them, even thou it said there was only one ticket open at the time, and the average time for response was 4 hours.

I seriously believe in order for plus to survive it must start playing with the big boys and the LLU's which most bigger/better ISP's are moving to.

oh well, I going to give support a piece of my mind in 24hours - for non responsiveness. very annoying - you will get your feet licked if you want to pay them money, if tables are turned, your left outside in the cold.

I pay 3-monthly , I think its only fair I pay for the month i have used, hence I should have a refund for two months, the month ends on 8/10/2005 - If plus thinks they can drag out till then, then they have a big surprise in store.

All I can say is that Im going to be making preperation to withdrawl of credit if I dont here anything from them soon (thank GOD Im paying by credit card), then they will have to chase me Smiley -- and then I will stall them just like they stalled me.

+net support in dissarray

dont know about timings for upgrades etc but when I requested my MAC i got it within 2 hours.
I had to get another MAC and even that one was supplied in under 2 hours.

guess they are more eager to see me go than you :lol: