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need help


need help

I signed in for ADSL Home Self install on 5/8/02. My line was activated on 3/9/02 and I received Starter pack on 11/9/02. However, I have not been able to connect to broadband.

Sync is established but I cannot connect to broadband.

The error code is that my username/password is invalid; however, Customer Support told me there was noting wrong with my username/password.

I really disappointed with PlusNet's services.
I used BT broadband before changing to PlusNet.

I would be grateful if anyone can give me some suggestion for connecting to broadband.

Thank you very much.

RE: need help

And they never sloved it for you? WTF..

make sure its, also the username you use to sign into the portal should be your user/pass. i think im not staff..

They never helped you get online? i dont understand that....

RE: need help


Please accept our apologies for not helping you more with your connection problems, however as you know we have already raised the fault to BT for investigation.
I have performed some maintenance on your account and I would ask that you re-test your username and password.

Please use the realm as I have checked and this is the realm that your ADSL was provisioned for.

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