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moving house


moving house

I'm moving house in a week and have transferred my BT line. It looks like I need to pay to transfer my PlusNet account, and I have no idea if I have IDSN in the new place. Do I say I do or I don't or wait until I've moved in?

Thanks for any help

moving house

It would be very rare for you to have isdn so I would say no. If you can get to the new house isdn is distinct and you cant miss the box which is not like a normal bt box

moving house - my experience

I moved house after appox 6 months of setting up my initial connection with PlusNet.

I moved to a new area, so had a new phone number.

I connected to PlusNet's website to process the moving process, which went smoothly.

After a couple of months, I wanted to cancel my PlusNet account to move to another supplier - BT with their home hub offer.

I contacted PlusNet to get the migration code, to which I was informed that I needed to authorise £119 to be taken via DD from my bank account.

When I asked for a breakdown of this charge, I was told that £47 was for my initial connection, £25 for my USB modem which had been supplied to me and a second £47 for my re-connection after moving house. They said that I would have been advised of this connection charge when I processed the move, but there was nothing obvious on the online wizard that I'd used.

The good news is that if I choose to leave after 5 years, I won't have to pay anything.

Begrudgingly, I'm still with PlusNet.

Think your descision through carefully, reading all of their small print.