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moving home problems


moving home problems

Hi all,

Any help with this greatly appreciated.

I've been with plusnet for nearly 3 years now and have had zero problems. Right from the initial connection to ADSL to date I have experience a fault free connection (apart from the occasional disconnection).

I have recently moved house and decided to change my telephone number to get my ADSL moved quicker, 7 days rather than the 14 days to use the same number.

The activation date was meant to be 15th September, however I noticed the sync light appear on my router on 14th and decided to give it a go. Much to my delight I had a connection and began to use it, I advised +net that the connection had been restored and subsequently cancelled my fixed cost dialup connection I had setup to use while I was awaiting ADSL activation. That night the connection went off and I phoned +net to advise, Dave said that it must have been a freak configuration error that allowed me to browse the net and proceeded to tell me that the connection would in fact be activated on the 15th. I asked if I could have my degraded fixed cost connection back, he advised me that I could but it would cost me another £15 (I'd only used the connection for 1 week!!). I decided to wait until 15th.

The next morning, to my surprise the connection was back - so again I continued with my work until that afternoon when the connection went down again. Gave +net a ring who advised me that the BT Engineer had not signed off the job and advised me that it should be done by 4pm. I waited and waited....7pm came and went so I gave +net another call. This time I was told that BT had pushed the activation date forward to the 16th and that it should be active by 12noon. 12 noon came a went, so I called +net who told me that I had been misinformed and that BT had signed off the job the previous day. My connection should be working they said, it's not - I told them.

The problems I'm having are:

The router is sync'ing with the adsl line.
The router is passing the username and password credentials
The router is obtaining an IP (the same IP I've always had)

I am getting NO data traffic!!!

No websites and no email

I'm at the end of my last nerve.. I've used 3 different pc's and 2 different routers. I've even rebuilt one of them and I get the same problem. I'm by no means an amateur when it comes to IT, this is what I do for a living - but I was prepared to follow +nets instructions and do whatever they asked but enough is enough!

There is categorically no way that this is a configuration/software/hardware error at my end. Short of going out and buying a brand new pc and router there is nothing more I can do.

My last call to support, I was told by Aaron that there was absolutely no way it could be a fault at either BT or +net and that it had to be my hardware. I remember when I worked for support it was the easiest cop out - blame it on the hardware!!

And so I am left paying £68 to move the connection and £21.99 per month for a service I cannot use. +net are not willing to entertain the possiblilty that this is a fault with them or BT.

Should I move my service somewhere else me thinks?

I know not all support personel pass the buck, some take pride in resolving the most bizzare problems a customer could have rather than go for the easy fixes to boost call volume figures. Any of you out thereHuhHuh??

RIght, that's my gripe over - anyone else experience problems moving home? apart from the usual finding the kettle.

Cheers for reading