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moving areas


moving areas

will be relocating to cornwall in a couple of months time have checked the area (wadebridge) and it currently has ADSL. how do i go about ceasing and reproviding the adsl line and how much will it cost?

moving areas

This has been covered a few times allready on the fourm.

What the cost is, depends on the package, the contract and the hardware in use.

First, if you have a BT installed service, the connection equipment is theres, so you can't trust that you will be able to use this once you have moved.

If you purchased a starter pack from +Net, then you own the eqipment, and are one step towards cheaper setup costs.

There are two types of 12 month contract.

1: If you paid the connection charge upfront, then you can move move, and continue on the same 12 month contract (see section on activate charges below)

2: If you payed the activation over 12 months, then you must pay the remainder of the charge before you can cease.

Note: If you have past the 12 month charge, you account reverts to a 1 month contract, so the above doesn't apply to account out of the 12 month contract.

Activation charge:

Provided you have connection equipment, you will only need to pay the activation charge based on the package you choose.

As such, in total, it is:
<remaining contract charges> + <activation of new house> + <connection eqipment>

SOme of the values may be 0.
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moving areas

If you are already on ADSL with plusnet you should be able to get your account transferred to the new phone.
You will though have to pay for a new activation at the new premises.
Let Plusnet know what you want by using the link:Contact Us