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more than 1 isp


more than 1 isp

Is it possible to have more than 1 ISP?

A question has been put forward by someone moving ISPs and he does not want to loose service by cancelling one and waiting for the other to kick in or be acceptable.

What he wants to do is sign up with another ISP and run them side by side, in otherwords use the new ISP until he is satisfied with it and then cancel the old ISP.

Is this possible or is there technical or legal problems with this such as some kind of BT reglation?


more than 1 isp

If it is an adsl account then no as you will only be able to log onto the realm of the isp which got the line enabled.

If however it is a dial up account then you can have as many ISP's as you like.



more than 1 isp

thanks for the reply posni.
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more than 1 isp

It is not possible to have more than one ISP on one ADSL line. However, if your friend wishes to move broadband ISP without downtime and loss of service (well there will be 30 minutes or so possibly), then this can be done using BT's migration scheme. This can be done by carrying out the following steps:

  • Get the person to get their MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) from their current ISP by phoning them up.

  • Then, provide the MAC to the new provider (usually done via an online form) and the migration should be complete within 7 days (or on the date specified). Is the new provider PlusNet, if so then this page outlines the process. That page is also useful for moving to other ISPs though as the system is basically the same.
I hope that helps,
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