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more questions about peak usage and limiting


more questions about peak usage and limiting

Firstly, please please forgive me for being yet another person who is asking questions about peak time usage limits, and the effects on speed thereafter, but I am fairly annoyed as of late as I have breached no such limits.

Just as a note to start with, My torrent download speeds have been ABYSMAL in the evenings for at least two months, im talking less than 1k/s and barely ever exceeding 800bytes/sec.

Lets look at my last months usage:

Billing Period Peak usage Off-peak usage Total usage
30 Mar - 19 Apr 16.68GB 36.97GB 53.65GB

Now, whether or not my limit is 15gb for my teleworker account im not sure (and frankly I dont really care as i have alternate means of getting things that are not p2p).

Question 1:

CLEARLY with this i should not have been effected the entire month with bad speeds in the evenings should I ?

Now my current usage in the last 10 days of billing period:

Peak usage: Off-peak usage: Total usage:
4.76GB 15.24GB 20GB

It's all well and good (at least it should be right?). However if we look at an mrtg graph of the last 24 hours....

It's important to know that with mrtg it doesn't display sudden changes well, such as yesterday's 3 spikes of 235k/s~ that lasted 10-15 mins, but with the 'steady' speeds obtained this morning we have my next question...

Question 2:

Why in the name of Zeus' left ******* has my transfer slowed to 1-2k/s up/down when:

a) nothing has changed with the torrent, it's stable, good number of seeds/peers
b) i have downloaded a mere 4.76gb on-peak

With that out the way i'd like to say in closing, please forgive my slightly stressed and aggrivated demeanor. I'm normally a very calm and passive person but when i'm paying for something, breaching no visible rules, and downloading perfectly 'legal' non-licensed anime I don't expect to have to suffer this **** poor quality service.

Thankyou for reading (if you did !)

more questions about peak usage and limiting

There are so many things that affect the download speed of a torrent, so there are no easy answers to your questions.

The most common problems at your end are:
- not having your port open
- setting too high an upload rate (on my 2 meg line, I set upload at 17 when downloading/27 when not downloading)

Try downloading a reference torrent : the OPenOffice one is good, 'cos it is small and comes down fast (on a good connection!). It is at:
Let the torrent download completely and check what was the overall average download rate (assuming your client gives that figure (I know Utorrent does).
If you have the energy run the test twice, once with encription off, and once with encription on - assuming your client ... Utorrent /Azeureus both do and last time I looked most seeds for that torrent where allowing that encription model.

Then check which gateway you are on, and come back with your results. Oh, yes, on my 2 meg it fully downloads encripted at an overall average of around 196kB/s when all is OK.

good luck


more questions about peak usage and limiting

Thankyou for your reply Ray.

I guess there were several details I shouldn't have omitted previously. I've been using torrents for some years and know fully how to get the best out of even the most stubborn trackers. I can assure you there are no problems on my end, or with the tracker I was using at the time.

The point I was trying to make, was this is Plusnet's doing for some reason or another, perhaps innocent maintenence, a minor system glitch or something who knows. The bothersome thing is this kind of thing happens far too much and I suppose I was more trying to see if others suffer similar problems when they are innocent of no breach in limits and their line is otherwise at full speed and ready to go for everything bar p2p.

Suffice to say i'm going to continue monitoring my situation. I find it kind of odd how it *mysteriously* always seems to slowly go back up to speed from 00:00 - 03:00 every night for the past 2-3 months.