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more on plusnet


more on plusnet

plusnet cannot repair a braodband connection for 3 months and do not like customer to mention it.

Highlighting their appalling services to all plusnet customers is called spamming.

To the person (johnessex – the forum moderator) who blocked my previous message, how would you feel if your connection will be dead for 3 months and be a customer of plusnet, unable to repair anything? Do you feel happy and proud to work for plusnet? Be a person who respects yourself, answer to my questions and not a weak person who just blocks my message.

It is another edition, as the person did not answer my aforementioned questions - obviously no self respect, did not block it but just deleted it. It is reissued for information.
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more on plusnet


Johnessex does not work for PlusNet - He gives his time voluntarily to moderate the forum on their behalf.

Now, I'm suspecting that your previous posts must have breached the Forum Rules hence their removal.

I will give you a fair warning as one user to another, you're on a steady path to having a sabbatical from here, which doesn't happen often.

I can appreciate your frustrations, as to allegedly not having a connection for 3 months, however, if you were to post in a constructive and meaningful manner, you might expect to get some support from the community or the Comms Team, but at the moment, you're portraying yourself to be a Forum Troll, which does you no good.
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more on plusnet

Personal attacks on other forum users are not tolerated nor should they be so you are likely to find this post locked also

John essex is a forum moderator and does not work for plusnet he is a customer just like you and he did make it clear that your post was locked because you had already opened a post in another thread on the same subject, this is double posting as is also not allowed as it causes confusion

we can all sympathise with you if your connection is having problems but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting it sorted

Maybe if you supplied some more details here on what your problem is then someone may be able to help you get it fixed

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more on plusnet


John has sent you at least one private message with regards to these issues, which I believe you have replied. Posting the same thing over and over won't get a response from anyone. I'd recommend you read the forum rules and calm down a bit before you post again.

We don't want to limit what you can post on the forums, but other forum users don't want you to bombard threads in the forums with your repeated messages. If you can abide by the forum rules like the vast majority of other users then you won't have a problem from the mods.