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more on PPPoA v. PPPoE


more on PPPoA v. PPPoE

The plot thickens!

I'm using a Netgear DG834GT router. After the maxDSL upgrade I found that my router only connected reliably if it was set to PPPoE instead of PPPoA. My ADSL sync. speed has consistently been 2.7 Mbps but according to the various speed checks I did my max internet connection speed has never exceeded 500 Kbps (before the upgrade I always got a consistent1 Mbps).

That was until 2 days ago when the router disconnected itself for no apparent reason. I redid the "automatically detect connection type" set up and this time it connected as PPPoA. Whenever I have done this before it has always detected PPPoE. Now it detects PPPoA (which is what it always should have been).

And guess what, I'm now syncing at 3.169 Mbps and getting 1.12 Mbps on an internet speed test (my best yet).

So, I suspect some changes have been made by BT somewhere which have correctly set the connection protocol to PPPoA and opened up my speed.

Anyone else had the same experience?

Strange or what?