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might (not 100% sure) solve ur connectivity problems


might (not 100% sure) solve ur connectivity problems

first u need a firewall umm then dl nortan anti-virus (latest 1) and then run a scan (with updated definitions.) and i am sure it will find a virus which hides behind the programme DLLHOST.EXE the virus sends lots and lots of packets to ur connection causeing a major slow down theres also scanner that can destory it. its called: Fixwelch, u can get this from the Symantec site.

i am not sure it is that but i had the virus and deleted it and my pings etc went down, but i still get packet loss >:¬)
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might (not 100% sure) solve ur connectivity problems

How much packet loss is there now? Can you try the WinMTR program I posted in the other thread and let me know what that shows after running for 20 minutes?

This is interesting and while I do still think there is probably something else up, this could explain one of three of the 'red herrings' I keep stumbling up against...

Can you be honest for a second, and just tell us whether you were prviosuly running a Virus checker / firewall and if so, how often you update it?



might (not 100% sure) solve ur connectivity problems

well honestly i wasnt using a firewall or a virus scanner until a few days ago and i use norton2004 this found that virus above, i also use a firewall now called Kerio Personal Firewall. umm they r all up 2 date.

another interesting thing happended yesterday, i had a cs match and for the first time i had 0choke and 0loss on a different server but i kept laggin all over the place so i am not to sure if plusnet were doing something on there platform.

umm i sent u the traceroutes i'll use that programme u mentioned and send u another copy.