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message to moderator Chris


message to moderator Chris

Dont know how to get a message to you, but

I have posted 2 separate problems in this forum which has a description of -

"Discuss any aspect of your ADSL Setup, networking, hardware, new developments, MTU Tweaking etc. "

Both of these problems are I think network issues and I thought this was the correct forum and certainly more relevent than 'everything internet'.

Why is there not a 'home networking' forum as this is a growing area.

I think your comments are a little over the top and as a customer I would expect a little more respect.

message to moderator Chris

I'd just like to point out, Chris (and the rest of the moderating team) are customers just like you or me. They do not work for PlusNet in any way.

message to moderator Chris

Ok thanks - I didn't know that, but still found his attitude and the basis of his decision baffling to say the least
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message to moderator Chris

Yes I can see the confusion here. In fact a more appropriate place for your subject would probably be "Computers and Hardware" where the subject guidelines do at least mention discussing your problems.

I can see why Chris has moved it though because it's not just ADSL related and you had made two posts on the same subject which only causes confusion because you get answers in two places and they are not related..

I think the other Moderators and myself need to discuss this with Ian Wild and see if we can improve the headings on the forums to come up with clearer defenitions.
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message to moderator Chris

Hi There,

I think john has basically said what's needed on this, however I thought I'd post personally too.

I'm sorry if you feel my actions / wording in moving your posts was harsh. However the contents of your post were not really ADSL related. Although there isn't a particular topic were Home Networking issues can be discussed we will as john has said look into wording them better. In the mean time, please do try to make your postings fit within the confides of the particular topics of each forum.

If you do ever wish to question a decision by me or any of the moderating team this can be done by private message (on the PM button below) to any of us, or you can email me -

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message to moderator Chris

Ok, the forum descriptions are now altered - I hope this makes things a little clearer!