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max tryout


max tryout


does anyone know if I opt to get Max and it doesn't work that well -- if I can go back to the old system? Is that an easy downgrade? I don't want to be stuck with max if it doesn't help

At the mo this is what the high speed broadband option says under my connection settings:

Your High-speed Broadband Service
Your current broadband speed is 1000 Kbps

My router stats are: SNR 19 -- attenuation 56. (Yes it's a long, poorish line). Occasionally in extremes of weather my SNR drops to 16 or so.

The calc here:

says I'm likely to sync at 2974Kbps at the present stats, with a BRAS data rate at 2.5Mbps (if sustained). Obviously this could drop to 1.5Mbps when the SNR tanks every now and then.

Anyone know if this theoretical calculation is likely to work in the big, bad world?

Am I setting myself up for a hideous time of fluctuating BRAS punishment?