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mac key expiration


mac key expiration

i am in the process of migrating to plusnet from AOL, but i have just been told that by plusnet my mac key has expired. :shock:

AOL say they cannot issue me a new one, so where do i stand now?
the mac key is no more than 10 days old. and plus net have had my migration request since the 18th of april.

i have actioned a ticket already and am waiting a reply.

anyone had a similar problem?and how long do mac keys normally last for?
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mac key expiration

When i migrated from Wannado i got an email saying my Key is valid for 30 days and if i didint use it then i would to request a new one.Im guessing that there telling porkys


Especially This Bit
The existing service provider will send the MAC to the customer within 5 working days. The MAC is valid for a period of 30 days from the date that it is issued.

So if its only 10 days old something needs to be done.

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mac key expiration

AOL can (or should be able to) issue a new MAC after the previous one has expired and since PN have said the current one has expired then you need to contact AOL again and insist they issue a new one and inform then the last one has expired before it could be used.

Why PN has taken so long to put in your migration request in another issue..

mac key expiration

unfortunately and sadly, i have opted to go with telewest now as i cant wait any longer for plusnet or AOL to sort this out.

i have actioned a ticket asking for cancellation of all my dealings with plusnet.
can you tell me if this is the correct proceedure so i dont have anymore
unwelcome suprises?

do i also need to cancel the direct debit myself through my bank?

i cannot get through on the phone line as its a 40 minute wait so will the ticket system be ok?
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mac key expiration

If your MAC has expired presumably you are still effectively with AOL, so they would be the company you need to deal with. If you have decided to use a cable company you will presumably need to get AOL to have your ADSL connection terminated and presumably PlusNet should refund anything you might have paid them since you have never had an ADSL connection with them