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linksys adsl2mue modem + linksys wrt54g router


linksys adsl2mue modem + linksys wrt54g router

anybody using this setup/combo? im curious to know as im thinking of getting the adsl2mue to pair with my wrt54g.

do they provide stable wireless connection, 24/7? can they handle large traffic and port forwarding (p2p, online gaming, video conferencing)? no dropouts? disconnection (or at least minimal)?

ive heard that to be able to use them (as a combo), the adsl2 modem needs to be set to "bridge-only" mode then set the wrt54g router to PPPoE and enter the username/password, however, dont we here use PPPoA encap? will this combo work?

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linksys adsl2mue modem + linksys wrt54g router

Yes, im using exactly that setup configured in the following way.

First, set the ADSL2MUE to work in bridged mode, this will then allow the WRT54G to establish the PPP session using PPPoE rather than having 2 hops before hitting the outside world.

It was simple to setup, but if you have any problems drop me a line and ill give you a hand.

Oh, my WRT54G is running the Talisman firmware from but that shouldnt make any difference.


linksys adsl2mue modem + linksys wrt54g router

cheers for that benoh

btw, you didnt comment about their performance Smiley im assuming here you're very happy with that ssetup Smiley how's the performance with bittorrent, gaming and /or video conferencing?

also, is it true that for them to work, it requires that my exchange supports PPPoE? how do i know if they do (or don't?)

thanks again
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linksys adsl2mue modem + linksys wrt54g router

I'm also considering this setup when my migration to PlusNet is completed. I currently already have a WRT54G, but I can't use it as a router since I'm at the moment, using my BT Voyager 100 modem, which is USB and has to be connected through my main PC. I hope to get an ADSL2MUE and connect it with my WRT54G router. I've read in many places that there's often some difficulties in doing this, but its clear at least some people have been able to set it up (I've heard that you have to both put the modem in 'bridged' mode and make sure the IPs of the two components are in different subnets, like and Could you please explain your experiences with this setup? I too will probably be using some P2P and Gaming, and I would like to make sure this is a stable installation before I go ahead and purchase more equipment. Thanks!