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line/router stats for a binatone 500 usb modem & disconn


line/router stats for a binatone 500 usb modem & disconn


Is there anyway of getting the db line details from a binatone 500 usb modem?

Or do I need to arrange a whoosh test?

Getting the crazy random disconnections and last night my speed dropped to half speed (on 2mb premier connection).

The strange thing is pings/traceroutes are bad, yet downloading a file from a http site downloaded at 262kb/s - which is good.

Also the random disconnections were happening with guildwars, as soon as I logged in bang dropped connection.

I am holding off getting BT involved as much as possible, got a few more things to try before I raise a PN ticket.

steps taken last night :

1) tested a different filter - no difference
1a) plugged directly to master socket - no difference
2) uninstalled usb drivers and re-installed - no difference
3) uninstalled everything that could affect a connection (firewall & anti-virus) - this helped and let me stay on longer for about 30 minutes and then bang disconnected.

At present (well tonight) I will be looking at the power side of things on the usb side and try and see if anything power related could be causing a problem.

This connection was working fine last week/weekend (1 or 2 disconnects after about 20 hours connection - was not worried about this), but last night was the worst ever Sad

Maybe it is guildwars? - as this seems to be the main culprit for the disconnections as well as azerus - these 2 seem to see the main disconnects - browsing and email I do not see any disconnects at all.

Umm bizarre

Any ideas fine people?