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just signed up, probs with bt...

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Registered: 01-08-2007

just signed up, probs with bt...

hi, i just signed up for adsl broadband with plusnet on saturday, and have just recieved a letter from BT saying they've recieved a request from another service provider to transfer all calls on my line to their network using carrier pre selection. i've checked the tracker thing on my account pages and according to that plusnet haven't even started initial checks yett, but bt deciding to do strange stuff to the line just as they should be activating adsl on it is a bit more than a coincidence.

soo.. should this be happening, or should i be phoning some people and trying to fix stuff up? and no, i've not signed up to any other telephone service providers, or anyone other than plusnet who i'm sure don't even provide this kind of service :shock: :?

just signed up, probs with bt...

CPS and voice calls are not in Plus Nets remit. So you are right, its not down to them.

I would investigate this further with BT.

If you (or anyone else in your household) havent ordered this and dont want it, you should tell BT that this is not authorised.