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just got BT Activation Date


just got BT Activation Date


Just seen my activation date online,
The provisional date set for BT to activate ADSL on your line is:
10th Dec 2004 - After 12pm, do i have to have my current ADSL plugged in wall for this to happen or account even open for migration

no payment taken yet will the payment be taken on that date also? also are all the ADSL products LITE/PREMIUM all freephone numbers 24/7

Thanks CC

just got BT Activation Date

ADSL does not use dialup numbers to connect, and there are not charges associated with how long you remain connected to the internet.

PlusNet will start your billing on one of two occasions

1: When BT inform PlusNet your connection is now active

2: When your modem comes into sync and authenticates, prior to being informed by BT all is well.