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isp review

I was reading an interview from telewest done by isp review, amongst it was this section
Interesting reading from isp review

Telewest Broadband maintains a no capping policy for several reasons.

Firstly, our customers have told us that they view caps as penalties and find them confusing. Our research also indicates they would rather have a slower uncapped service than a faster capped service. We want to minimise the barriers to broadband adoption and look after our customers - capping does neither.

Secondly, the way competitors have deployed caps, in terms of size and monthly measurement, does not enable them to realise meaningful network cost savings that can be passed onto consumers.

Capping does address a real concern for all ISPs, which is how to prevent a select handful of customers from hogging bandwidth and damaging the customer experience for the majority of users. But, there are smarter and more effective ways to address the issue of bandwidth hogs while not penalising all customers.

Variants of usage based pricing will certainly not disappear – indeed they will proliferate – but we believe they can be more cleverly integrated to create real value for both consumers and the ISP.

this did surprise me so i looked at the customer reviews and noticed that plusnet has not made the top ten best isp for some time, yet on customer review it is at 7 out of ten, although recent months show an upset and bad reviews from customers for various reasons

but then again isp reviews to go up and down