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is this a record? - Good old Plus Net

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Registered: 15-09-2007

is this a record? - Good old Plus Net

There seem to be a disproportionate number of complaints about providers and hardware I want to add some support to what goes on behind the scenes and we never see.

2nd June requested ADSL of Plus Net

10th June Activated

11th June 00:12am ordered PCI modem from Dabs

11th June 00:20am ordered splitter/ filters from Solwise

12th June hardware arrived (ordinary 1-3 day delivery)

13th June installed PCI modem

Software did not load properly - faffed around unnecessarily for 3 hours, trawled the hepl sites and forums, uninstalled, reinstalled

Input Plus Net settings

Up and running late 13th June

Without I have to add Plus Net assistance because they would not answer the phone number provided - "if you have any queries" - tosh!
anyway it always suggests you make the contact through the portal.

The secret seems to be - follow instructions and give it time - don't start getting upset if it takes a week to get activated - life's like that.

The PCI is wonderful and speeds are phenominal compared to DUN,

seero (aka Conrad) :cheese: