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is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?


is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?

Downstream 418 Kbps (52.3 KB/sec) 451 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 235 Kbps (29.4 KB/sec) 253 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Time to migrate away perhapsHuh?

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is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?

If that's the best you can achieve, then something is fundamentally wrong here.

Have you spoken to the support chappies - they are really quite helpful?

Have you tried changes to some of the link parameters - see some of the other threads on MTU and RWIN tweaking.

I have not been that low in spped, but have gained some increase after changing these parameters, as have others.

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is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?

Maybe if you give us a bit more info we may be able to help.

There are several threads around related to speed issues and offer suggestions on checking your setup - maybe check some of them out and post back once you have determined that your local wireing/setup are not to blame. Also check out the tutorials and FAQs forum.

Can you supply details of your PC spec, windows version, make/model of ADSL device being used, how this is connected to your PC, details of any local network connections hubs/switches etc.

Has this always been the speed you have got or was it previously working faster?

Have you tried connecting directly to the master socket without any other phones connected?

Are you sure you have a 2meg link - even though you asked for it their may have been a mistake setting it up? Depending on the ADSL equipment you have you should be able to find out the physical connection speed rather than the throughput speed you are quoting. For ADSL 500 the physical connect speeds are 576Kbit/s downstream and 288KBit/s upstream. For 2Megs I think it should be 2304Kbit/s down and 288kbit/s up.

Have you queried this with PlusNet via Contact Us yet?

is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?

Seems a lot better now as it goes, currently up to around 150KBps
PC Specs are as follows
Windows XP Pro SP1
Barton 3000XP Pro
Abit AT 7 MAX 2 Motherboard
GeforceFX 5700 ULTRA
SB Audigy 2
1024 Meg Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR
M/S Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
Using the Black BT Router/Modem, connected to my master system via the Motherboards onboard LAN. connected to other systems via NIC cards.
And yes, I do have a 2 Meg link, have had it for some months now, and has usually worked fine.

is this a joke for a 2Meg connection?

There are some issues with some exchanges being over capacity and hence all speeds are slowed. A 2mb line would suffer from greater slow downs than a 512k line.
You can check if your exchange may be the culprit at this link

If it is your exchange or anything to do with the BT network, changing ISP will make absolutely NO DIFFERENCE.