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is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ?


is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ?

lately world of warcraft game has become uplayable, due to high lag,
i know plusnet limits Peer 2 Peer stuff, but world of warcraft uses this technology for updates and uses the same ports for the game its self so throttling them impacts the game.

question is plusnet doing what TalkTalk did in this link here?
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is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ?

I'm sure that no throttling going on with WOW but there is certainly a very noticable slowing down of things at certain times of the day.
I find that doing a speed test my pings increase dramatically during peak times . Whether this is due to Plusnets pipes or just the BT network getting congested I cannot say.

is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ?

well the bandwidth when im playing WoW last night dropped to 0.8 kb/s with a nice 10,000 ms ping :p

and it only does this for WoW for some reason,

i wont pretend i know how they do things but i was thinking thousands of WoW users logging on to a Bittorrent like client that is used to update the game might get its ports black listed ,

and the problem is the game itself uses those ports, but anyway might be something else.

is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ?

hmm pararently others are having this problem reading the wow forums, i don't pretend to know this lvl of technical stuff but they saying it might be a Telia problem.

causing lots of lost packets.
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is plus net throttling World of Warcraft ports ? don't throttle the game traffic itself. I've had Zero latency issues since our realm was moved to a new data centre and the hardware upgraded. All servers have had their hardware upgraded now as I understand it. The problem now is certain data centres are still lacking sufficient bandwidth to cope with demand in the evenings. Try Kor'gall and walk around Ironforge and you'll see the ping is good. I play on Kor'gall and its the newest data centre.

The Blizzard downloader is a modified Bittorrent client. Therefore it uses the exact same system as normal P2P traffic and is throttled on network. This is made worse by the fact the Blizzard downloader stops seeding as soon as you press the Finish button to install the update meaning there are very few seeds. The Blizzard downloader is also rate limited. You'll find its best you use a normal Bittorrent client and extract the torrent using WoW torrent extract. I use Azureus and this works much better.