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is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

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is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

recently i've started having the pp connection dropping, the sync light is still on but no access to the web.

the is just like the problems i had on LLU, but i'm now back on BTw, bit depressing...

i've posted a fault, but was wondering if anyone else was having problems...
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is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

Thank goodness there's someone else on here with this problem. Its been ongoing for me now for over three weeks, maybe longer, but it was only discovered because of the very slow speeds I was getting. I am getting disconnected on average every 30 minutes. My router re-boots straight away, but its very annoying if I am chatting on yahoo, because I get chucked off conference and have to be reinvited all the time. BT have been here twice now, and the first guy who was a broadband expert (?) had no idea what was causing the problem, said it must be something underground (my cable comes direct from the exchange across the road via two poles and into my house so nothing underground as far as I am aware. He had never come across this before. Two guys came today and checked everything and everywhere and said there is no fault on my line, its a fault on the broadband side, and the expert needs to sort it out. It's driving me potty, in 4 days, I have been disconnected 214 times. Everytime I pick up my phone receiver, it disconnects the broadband. Everytime someone calls my number, it disconnects the broadband, but more worrying, when nothing is using the phone part, it still disconnects. I have tried 4 different splitters, 4 different phones, bought a USB plug in modem incase the wireless one was faulty, and nothing has worked. The BT guys tried to say it was my phones, but then it was proved otherwise when they checked it with theirs. It's getting a tad annoying to say the least. I can't see that it's plusnet's fault tho, the guys here are being very helpful.
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is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

Yep. Had just the same a while back. No loss of sync but up and down speeds going to zero and SNR giving a silly number.
It tied in some times but not always with the use of the phone.
Tried 4 different filters 3 different routers and 2 different telephones, none of which helped at all.

Eventualy got Plusnet to pass on to BT and get an engineering visit. Unfortunately 2 days before the visit it cleared up and I've had no problem since.
I do suspect though that BT did something at the exchange as I used to get a couple of seconds of noise when first picking up or answering the phone. That noise magicaly went away just before the visit.

is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

I too have experienced serious disconnection problems. I have previously described these in this Forum in a very interesting thread on

I can now report that I have obliterated the problem. In my case the solution was to replace my modem with a router. My modem was about 5 years old. I was running the most recent firmware (dated 2003) as the model is out of support from the manufacturer. Ie out of support before MAX ADSL was invented.

I suspect that my line is not high quality so I decided to get a good quality router. I choose DrayTek Vigor 2800G. It's pricy at about £200. I could have purchased a less high spec unit (Vigor 2700G) at about £120. However, the 2800G has a facility to slug the maximum speed if you feel that disconnection is caused by too high a sync speed.

Whilst using the modem I was getting up to 6 disconnections per hour, usually only during the hours of darkness! Once I had installed the router the disconnect rate is reduced to about 1 every 4-7 days. Since the router is always on I guess these disconnects occur when I am not using the circuit - as I have never been aware of any disconnection. No longer do I get the DIALLING dialogue from Win XP as the router manages problems without needing to bother me.

In the thread referred to above some guys reported problems with Netgear routers (the ones sold by PlusNet) so they are probably widely implemented.

Although my disconnections have ceased I do not have an improved speed. I get about 3.5Mbit. This is fine. I am far more concerned about reliability than throughput (3.5 is quite sufficient).

I should note that I have a circuit installed by BT - 5 years ago. My faceplate, on my master socket, has an inbuilt filter on the line and has BTphone and ADSL sockets. Thus I do not need any other filters on any of my phone outlets. The face plate is a little like that described in

is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

Just adding to my previous post. Once I had installed my router and obliterated disconnection, I had an unexpected bonus.

For a long time I had had problems with the email Inbox Assistant in Outlook. I would get 'folder not found' messages sporadically. These errors have ceased now that I do not have the modem. I can see no logical connection - yet the timing was concurrent. However, all previous attempots to remove the Outlook problem had failed and there were no technical articles on the fault. Is it possible that ADSL equipment with faults can affect other programs randomly. Curious.

is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

Hi People...

Me too. I reported a fault and PN says nothing wrong:

xDSL Status Check Analysis

Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 21 dB
Cell Count 1013244050
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 36 dB
Cell Count -1560390299

Downstream Line Rate 7392
Downstream Line Rate Timestamp 09/01/2007 22:54:40
Maximum Stable Rate Re-set (Y/N) N
Profile Change Time 28/12/2006 00:00:00
Maximum Stable Rate 2272
Fault Threshold Rate 2272
Interleaved Auto

Now here's the strange bit:

I've had an electrician round (Sun 06/01/07) to check the wiring in my house (periodic check), and he had to turn the power off at the consumer unit (breaker box) to conduct some tests. Upon re-applying power I needed to get onto the 'net but couldn't because my PPP session would not connect. Sync was fine at 8128k however.

When I first set up my router nearly a month or so ago, it was handshaking with the server on a PPPoA connection and was 100% stable and the speed tests gave me figures of 5, sometime up to 6 MB rate.

I retried the PPP connection manually by disconnecting and reconnecting... still nothing! Then I envoked my router's (Netgear DG834G) auto DSL setup procedure which found a PPPoE connection and started talking fine. I thought this a bit strange (PPPoA --> PPPoE) but went on my way and started surfing.

Cue the frequent PPP drops and my router's web interface also responding slowly. After the drops (still have sync), I've tried rebooting, reconnnecting and 're-autosetuping', sometimes with success, mostly without. When the auto setup did find a PPP connection, it always set to PPPoE. Manually setting to PPPoA, it would never work.

I've just had another drop in the last half hour, re-did the auto setup and now it found a PPPoA connection and is working with that. The router also seems more responsive (instant setup page (internal server) loading rather than 5sec delay).

Is something wrong with PN, or is it time to send my DG834 back?!

"Stuttering" downloads

I'm getting this glitching all the time lately and it's driving me nuts.

When downloading something (like a 19Meg update from Motorola for my phone software) it downloads in "chunks" stopping for a second(ish) inbetween the data downloaded.

I'm getting so fed up with this I'm cosidering Orange or Sky which is a shame since I've been with Plus now for around three years.

It's all very well having 8 meg BB but not when it stutters like this.

Not happy :-(


is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

The common factor about users reporting disconnections and sync problems is that they are using Netgear routers. Other threads are strongly of the opinion that more recent firmware on this unit is to blame.

One guy reported that he has not had trouble by reverting to older firmware 1.05.00 on my Netgear DG834v2 router.

I suggest looking at the discussions on:,3550.0.html and

Both are multipage threads with lots of examples. Users replacing their Netgear routers to routers with different chip sets seem to report either no or minimal problems.

My Vigor 2800G currently reports an uptime of 129 hours and an SNR of 17.0 (nice sunny day: Sun 14 Jan).

I too thought of leaving PlusNet before I installed this router but now I am quite content.

However, it was noticable that PlusNet were unable to diagnose my old modem as the problem. Perhaps to do so might have landed them in providing a free router!
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is anyone else regularly losing their ppp connection?

My Netgear DG834G V2 router had been losing connction several times a day for months. I updated the firmware with the new software just released and it hasn't lost its connection for 60 hours now.
Think that says it all.