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invision and firewall?


invision and firewall?

hiya all has any one had problems with mirc and invision
going throu a dg 814 router , not sure whether i`ve got to allow a port number throu

many thanks


invision and firewall?

It depends what you want to do.

By standard you should be able to connect o and IRC server and receive files without a single configuration change.

To send files you need to setup port forwarding.

To do this, you need to first select a small range of ports. For each concurrent active DCC send or chat, you will need one port (IE, 3 ports for 3 connections).

For this example, we will use 5 ports. 5000, 5001, 5002, 5003 & 5004

First, open the mIRC optiosn screen.

Second, goto the DCC -> Options tree in the left hand pane.

Third, in the "DCC Ports" section middle right, enter "5000" int he first box, and "5004" in the second.

Now OK the options screen.

You next need to setup these ports in the port forwarding section of your router, to poitn to the internal IP address of your system. COnsult the manual for the rotuer for this.

invision and firewall?

As for invision: you shouldn't have any problems with it, nor should you need to forward any ports.

invision and firewall?

A complete tutor to set mirc up behind a firewall tried and tested

xDSL / Cable Connection with 'SOHO' Router

Some Notes to get you past the common problems.

If you are running mIRC version below 5.7, UPGRADE to 5.9
Note 5.91 Is a script breaker


Net Connection: Single IP Address. Cable / xDSL
Interface: LINKSYS DSL/Cable Router (BEFSR41) 1.38.5
[ Netgear etc. are very similar ]
PC's: 6 (One dedicated to mIRC)
Public IP Address: Assigned to Router
PC Addresses: Statically Allocated 192.168.x.x


There are two parts to configuring mIRC for use with a NAT Firewall.
1. Configure mIRC
2. Adjust Router Configuration.

You should NEVER have to put the mIRC machine in the DMZ


Install ZoneAlarm on all windoze machines. (Free version is fine)

Install a good Virus Checker on all machines.

mIRC Setup: (ALT-O)

Client or Server.

Section: Connect - Local Info

On Connect Always get Check Local Host
Lookup Method Check Server

This should fill in the two boxes at the top with your
PUBLIC host name and IP address when you connect.
(DCC Sends will not work if this is your private address)

Section: Connect - Identd

Enable Identd Server Check
User Id Enter a Unique string
System Enter a Value e.g. Unix, Hybrid
Port Must be 113
Enable Only when Connecting Check

Section: Connect - Firewall

Do not use unless your firewall tells you how to do it.

Section: DCC

On Send Request Check Minimize
If Auto-get and file exists Check Resume

Section: DCC - Options

DCC Ports
First Set to 12340
Last Set to 12349
Note: Any range between 1024 and 65535 is good.
More than 10 ports is pointless, unless your connection T1/E1

Max remotely requested DCC sends Set to 7

Section: DCC - Folders

DCC Ignore: Set to Ignore all except
[ List box ] add *.rm *.ram etc

Section: DCC - Fserve

Max FileServers Set to 3
Max DCC gets per user Set to 1
Total Max cps Set to your maximum SEND speed

Section: DCC - Server

Enable DCC Server Check
Listen on Port 59
Listen for Check Send and Chat
Check Fserv only if you run a fserve
Perform DNS Lookup Check

Section: General

Window Buffer Set to 1000 / 2000 (Increases scroll back buffer for all windows)

Router Setup.

Host Address etc. As instructed by your ISP

PC IP addresses: Do not use DHCP.
Must assign manually.
Port forwarding will not work if you assign PC
addresses with DHCP

Port Forwarding:
Forward the following ports to the machine you run
mirc on.

59-59 TCP DCC Control Port
113-113 TCP Identd
12340-12349 TCP DCC Send Ports

Bind Sockets to (or similar) Ignore it.

This works for me.

Need more help, find be in #yclept of Dalnet

Vendor Info:
============ Port forwarding by range in firmware 1.38.5 Port forwarding by range in firmware 3.25


invision and firewall?

thanks for all your advice
been away for a few days
will try it all out

many thanks again