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internet sharing


internet sharing

Usually if you have installed ICS on your machines
and it's functioning correctly you would only have to
tick the boxes to obtain an IP address and DNS servers
This will automatically configure the gateway,DNS 1&2
DHCP server all to ( the address of the server pc).
DHCP will assign a local address of for your 1st client pc.
If your going to try a manual configuration then try listing everything
including DNS servers.
The fact that you have a network and can share files indicates that the
IP's and gateway are correct it might be a DNS problem.
If you run the command ipconfig/all on both pc's you will get a list of what's going on. Check that the IP's, DNS, etc. are all listed.
Check the subnet mask is the same on both PC's.
I'd run through the tutorial to ensure nothing has been missed out.

internet sharing

I'm stuck....

I'm trying to share my ADSL connection via dynamode USB modem between a windows ME and Windows 98 system with a crossover cable network connection. My network is fine and I can acess shared directories but cannot share the internet.

The host is on Win ME and client on 98. I've tried ICS using the Win ME setup floppy but to no avail. I've tried reinstalling ICS but still no joy.

I've alreay reviwed this Forum as well as others but cannot make sense of it (just started out with networking).

Can anyone give me any :? simple help. Should I set up IP adresses manualy (wot about this gateway thing) also all the different TCP options confuse me.

Or can it not be done with this set up?


internet sharing

Have a quick look at this tutorial. here
Click on how to set a server for W98/ME (at bottom) and then
follow through for the client.
Ignore the bit about 2 network cards as your not using
an ethernet modem.
Ensure you have no firewalls running as this might cause
what 's happening.
The gateway for your client will be the address of your main pc eg :
Plusnets DNS servers are &
If you double click on the Network Icon for your card in the W98 machine.
Its local IP address would be
You can enter these manually.

internet sharing

Thanks for the quick response.

I'll look at this site and see if it helps.

From the sounds of it I should set the IP and gateway myself wot about DNS should be enabled or disabled?