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images - help


images - help

can anyone help please?
when viewing web pages like Plusnets home page etc. the images don't always load properly. there is an empty box with a red cross instead. How can i stop this :?

images - help

What browser are you using? If it's IE6, I get the same thing. Not all images, just (sometimes) those that are 1) small and 2) repeated a lot on the page.

For example, the small "view latest post" images in the forum listings often go. The AG forums are particularly bad. The images that indent the thread replies go missing a lot. In all cases, a right click and "show image" on the image brings them ALL back. Annoying though.

So, I've been using Mozilla Firebird for some time now and it has no such problems. Works first time, every time.

I, like you, would like to sort the IE problem. It's very annoying.
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images - help

This is sometimes caused by load on the portal where not all the inages are sent to your browser quickly enough and it gives up waiting. and shows a box with a red x instead

Normally hitting the refresh buitton will get them or ctrl+shft and refresh button to request the whole page again.

Also try clearing out your browser cache.

You may need to tweak your MTU/RWIN settings to improve your throughput.