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Hi everyone
I have just purchased a Imac and am trying so hard to connect my binatone 500 adsl up to the imac, so frustrating that it does not seem to work. Told Plus net of my frustrations and I must admit have been rather rude to them. For that I appologise as I am sure It is, after all, my ignorance that I can not seem to get connected. Tried everything, even the suggestion from the Binatone help line has not worked!

Asked Binatone if I should just upgrade the modem, after all the Imac has cost me an arm and a leg (superb machine by the way) so another 100£ for a good, easy, reliable connection would be ok for me.

Sure the answer is simple but, I am so frustrated as to why it will not work, eveything else I plug into the Imac it recognises and says ok you now have such a such installed not what do you want to do. Binatone/Plus Net not a bloody sausage, sod all!

I am sure it is me and again sorry to PlusNet for the negative thoughts passed on to you but someone help me!