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im so confused..


im so confused..

after only being online for a year, and no previous exp, i am only just startin to look into my isp and isp package.

I have become aware that i am payin 24.99 a month for a 500k line.
I have noticed that 2mb premier stuff is less than this.
How has this happened? and how do i get my moneys worth?
I dont understand an awful lot of this, for tht im sry in advance. I just feel like somewhere along the line im being or have been ripped off :?

could any1 pls spare 5 mins to try and explain (in layman terms) all this.

im so confused..

ok ok a little less confused now ive read some more of the forums

in particular this thread :

as it raises some of the issues/questions i have been wondering about.

sry for not readin forums 1st, wasnt sure how to form the questions i had.

I am still acutly aware tho, that i am payin £3 -/+ more for 500k than 2mb premier plus thingie which seems like a real good package.

The free upgrade that is bein talked about, seems to have limits on it? again, i apologise for my newbish-ness, but i dont get it, i just want to know, that i will get my moneys worth, that it will be "the best" available, and that im not being ripped off.

Accounts & Changes

Hello stoosh,

Well I've just read your thread/comments. No! your NOT being ripped off but what's happening is that the telecoms & ISP industry is seing a period of immence change and the changes are moving quite quickly these days. So my guess is that what your paying monthly for your service/package is correct for the product or service you orginally signed up for back 12mths ago.

**OK the free upgrades that many users are talking about are being driven by BT in conjuction with PN, F9 & FOL ISP's. Users who currently have a normal BT line and a basic speed service such as ADSL 500K will have their phone line & broadband service upgraded for free but there are no! specific dates given for your local BT exchange (only an approximate month such as work will be completed by end of June etc). Initially your line & ADSL speed will be upgraded to the fastest speed your line is capable of providing. But in reality this is governed by your BT exchange and so most users will receive an upgrade to 2MB's (yes! for free).

Once your BT exchange has indeed been upgraded (& your phone line) you will need to contact PN and ask them to make the service/account changes required for the upgrade. This involves unthrottling your service so you gain the full 2MB's.

**Some users who's BT exchange has been upgraded and who want the upgrade more rapidly (like myself) can pay a x1 off fee of £14.99 to have the 2MB service upgraded sooner. But if your NOT in a hurry and are prepared to wait you will get the upgrade before the end of the summer.

**As a result PN,F9 & FOL have announced new services & prices for broadband products which means you can probably get a better faster service by changing products and possibly at a lower monthly price too.

**I suggest you contact PN customer support and ask them about the new prices & services and see what new packages might suit you.

Hope this helps?


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im so confused..

It sound like you are on EasyStart;

You can regrade to the Premier package @ £21.99 per month, and wait for the promised free speed upgrade. There is a one off £15 administration fee, but you recover this in 5 months with the £3 per month saving.

Or look at the Broadband Plus or Pay As You Go packages; these are cheaper by with restrictions, so check the product details carefully.

The third option is to stay on EasyStart, and get Premier, but pay £3 per month over the odds.

Personally I would recommend option 1. (That’s what I did.)
It may also be worth challenging Plus.Net on the £15 administration fee, other users have reported discounts, and in at least one case the fee being waived.