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idle time outs or random disconnects


idle time outs or random disconnects

hiya peeps

all was fine after last weekends probs with disconnects that
alot of peeps where having then friday comes round again and
lots of disconnects
my router (wag54g) shows all fine
but the only way to get surfing again is to reboot the thing
so thought try a little experiment
set outlook to check for emails every 15 mins and guess wat
no disconnects , so wats the conclusion?
idle time outs on premier? thought they wasnt doing it to premier accounts
or other prob?

getting frustrated now run mirc 24/7 so this is becoming a apain
is there something they not telling us about like the time they blocked
our ports then finally after a lot of crap they admitted it?

i might be wrong but seem alot of stuff going wrong at the mo and i
had a very stable connection for ages

thx for reading this

Rob Cool