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idle disc time


idle disc time

I have my Access Runner DSL Properties set to hang up when idle "never". despite this I keep getting a pop up "connection idle for 20 minutes" and a disc if I do not do something. Somewhere else there is a built in 20 min idle disc can anyone tell me where it is and how to change it? I use IE6 and Windows XP.

RE: idle disc time

Hmm thats a dodgy one. All i could find was the idle bit when you right click on your connection in network connections. I couldnt find anything else.

RE: idle disc time

Hi there.

OK click on START button on Windows XP.
go to 'control panel'

You should now see the conrol panel and pick a category.

On the top left, switch it to 'classic view'
you should now see more options.

Click on 'internet options'
this opens a box.
from here choose 'connections'

Highlight your default connection 'PlusNet'
click on 'settings'
this brings up another box,
then click on 'advanced' button.

another box will pop up with the 'times to reconect'
and 'disconnect if idle more than 20mins'
you need to un check this.

Also un check the box below 'disconnect when a connection may no longer be needed'

Once you've done all that, click ok and apply.
then disconnect, and reconnect to make the changes.
remember to shut off IE 6.
best to do a reboot maybe.

This should cure the problem.
good luck!.


RE: idle disc time

Hi Jason,

That's the one, great many thanks, I knew the thing must be in there somewhere but could not trace where.