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N/A problems?

is there an alternative to using the "" to get a connection?
I find it unreliable, giving "page can not be found" or "dns error" most of the time, even after empying temp internet files. I can only get around the problem by re-booting the system- not the ideal situation.
I'm kind of hoping that binatone have produced some kind of .exe to make my life easier? if not, has anyone else come accross the same problem and found a solutionHuh

Thanks in advance
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Are you talking about the Binatone ADSL 500 with 3 lights?

One thing I don't understand is you saying 'you have to connect to to get a connection'. Do you mean to connect to the internet or to the modems setup page?

If it's accessing the setup screen then you are suffering like many others have reported here. The cause has not been identified but the suspision is a recent windows update causes a conflict with the Binatone driver and stops it working properly, another is a firewall issue.

Try disabling your firewall and or virus scanner. Or put in your firewalls trusted zone and see if that helps.

There is no definate solution that I am aware of and I don't think you can use any other IP address to get to the modems setup screen.
N/A problems?

Yes it's the binatone 500 three lights. the problem occurs after I disconnect for the first time when the machine has been re-booted, say I want to connect 10 minutes later, I click on the binatone IE file on the desktop, and get the the error page. No problems the first time I connect. I understand that this page isn't online, so have tried messing with the firewall but still no joy.

I run two machines, one runnig 98se and the other running xp- the sequence of events is identical on both.

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You have probably tried all these (if appropriate) but just in case:
Right click binatone shortcut and clear " make available off line."
IE6 Internet Options/Connections Select "Never dial..."
Ditto Clear all LAN Settings via the button.
Put "" in the trusted zone of IE on Low Security
Ditto in firewall.
In my Networking the Binatone adaptor is bound to Binatone TCPIP
and Binatone TCPIP has nothing (or negative) selected.
I don't clear the cache. But sometimes use Control/F5.
Could you have "something" set to time out quickly as the connection to the modem seems to be slow?
Phone Harry Potter.
However, I do note that the page (connects OK for me) is slow and "unstable" - seems to flicker between connected and disconnected. On the hyperlinks, "open in a new page" seems to work best.
I have "Always On" selected.
It looks as if they have made the modem look like a modem/router and then have used their pre-existing router software to control it. (I am a network ignoramus)
N/A problems?

I would like to know what Plus net are doing about this?

It has been weeks now and some people still cant connect with these modems. If they wont work then they are not fit for the purpose thet were sold for so under the trade discriptions act we are entitled to a refund.

Will plus net give refunds on these modems or replace them with a known working one?

What efforts have plus net done to solve this problem with Binatone?

Plus net cant pass the buck the contract for the modem is with the supplier which is plus net so its up to them to do something about it. Are they still sending them out knowing the problems?

I am sure they must have heard of customer relations? Knowning there are problems with kit they have suplied and doing nothing about it isnt good for customer relations. I put my head on the block and recomended a friend who joined but couldnt connect with this modem and had to buy another to get on line.
N/A problems?

Thanks Pat,

Tried all the things you mentioned, but still got the same problem.

To be honest, when I first received the "easy start" pack from +net, I found it hard to believe that after the instalation I would still have to use the binatone
IE file to connect, it seemed so unstable giving the wrong information with regards to the connection status. The modem itself seems fine! But having looked through some of the complaints regarding binatone in this forum,
I'd have to agree with "mwright".

Why use 2nd rate hardware for a first class service!
N/A problems?

Well they're cheap at around £15 less than
a Speedtouch. Multiply that by several thousand
units........., especially if your giving them away.
Plusnet aren't the only ISP to supply them.
What Binatone don't seem to realise is that
they have to support their products.
Bugs are found in drivers, updates are made
to operating systems and new firmware gets installed
at exchanges.
Why aren't Binatone updating their drivers ?
N/A problems?

Totally agree, I advised my brother to go with plusnet and he went for the easystart package. His connection is all but useless.

I'm so ashamed that I advised him to go with plusnet that I think I'll buy him a new router myself.

He's also talking about cancelling the Direct Debit and sending plusnet back their rubbish hardware - don't blame him.

Sorry Plusnet but this is simply not good enough.


Re: problems?

Similar problems with Netgear wireless modem/router. Connection drops off and "page/server cannot be found" message appears. Happens on main computer and laptop networked together via wireless card. Signal strength and link levels are good. Also my telephones won't ring. I can make and receive calls but the ringers will not ring. Difficult. Line, sockets and splitters seem fine but phones will not ring. They are BT diverse 1015 cordless phone & answerphone set. Any suggestions ? Could this be a frequency problem with Router ?

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Are you sure you are using the ADSL filter/splitters correctly: See ADSL: Wiring and Filters.

Are ALL phones connected via the filter/splitter including faxes, sky boxes, 56k modems?

Is the router also connected via the filter/splitter on the ADSL side.

What happens when you unplug all phones except one - does it ring then. If so plug each one in until the ringing stops.

How many phones do you have connected to sockets and what is the total REN value for all phones connected (this does not include the remote/satalite DECT or digital cordless phones)? There is a limit to the number of phones before ringing will stop. Each phone has a REN number and you can't have more than REN 4 in total for all phones on your line.

In the router, make sure the idle timeout is set to 0. By default, the router will disconnect after 5 mins and sometimes it does not reconnect automatically.
N/A problems?


How many phones/modems have you got plugged in ??. You do know there is a maximum number of phones/faxes/skyboxes/modems you can have connected to the phone line.
Each device will have a REN number (ringer equivilance number). the maximum REN is 4. If you exceed that number, the phones may not ring.

Faulty DSL filters can also introduce a "phantom" number of RENs. Faulty DSL filters can also cause the DSL signal to drop.
The fact that your wireless has good strength and link has nothing to do with the DSL connection.
N/A problems?

Binatone suck. So glad i havent got one.
N/A problems?

Just ordered my brother an ADSL router and a NIC from ebuyer for £30.

ANybody thinking about going the Easystart route should seriously consider not doing so and buying a package with hardware that has a chance of working!

Plusnet are becoming infamous on many DSL boards for supplying this rubbish modem, seems a shame as the rest of the service is good.

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A lot of other ISPs supply the same equipment. It is a common product offered by broadband suppliers and I suspect they are having the same problems.

Also the problems appear to relate to WinXP and some recent windows update fix. Win98SE appears to not have the same problem.
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Binatone rule!
Glad mine works!
Eh.. where's that smoke coming from..?
Heck.. why are these bricks crashing through my window? :lol: