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high stable low sync!?


high stable low sync!?

Hi, was upgraded to MaxDsl one week ago today. I have a speedtouch thomson 330 usb modem (the silver frog).

Since then nothing changed. The sync speed reported as 2.2mb in the tray icon and modem diag. Plus nets stable said 2000 on the test page.

I have been reconnecting everyday, and tried some newer 8mb drivers for the modem - nothing happened.

Today i have just run PlusNets stable rate and it reported 7000. My modem icon still says 2.2 along with the modem diagnostics.

What is going on, i thought they wer supposed to happen in reverse order - why wont my modem sync at anything other than 2.2!!!

Thanks for any advice

high stable low sync!?

I too am using a Speedtouch 330 modem.
have you got the updated drivers to enable the modem to work at more than 2mb Huh?
Try here -

your modem should be running in ISO mode
which you can check in speedtouch USB Diagnostics under the USB tab.

this gives me a connection in the system tray of 7.2Mb
it should solve your problems, i beleive the 330 was only rated to 2.2 as std, but mine flies now.

hope this helps....Dean

high stable low sync!?

hi mate, thanks for the reply but yes i upgraded to the 8mb drivers! and its running in Iso mode...

how long did yours take to pick up the new speed?

Surely if im getting a 7000 stable rate my modem should be running at more than 2.2?


high stable low sync!?

the figures im actually getting are:

-7000 as stable line rate from plus nets test page
-2.2 sync speed in tray on connection
-line rate is reported as 2272 / 288 in modem diagnostics
-bandwidth is reported as 8128 / 832 in modem diag

downlaod speeds are the 2 meg same as they alwasy were

high stable low sync!?

my speed has always shown as 7.1mb - 7.2mb in the system tray.
my speed has only just really started to pick up.
my sync rate is showing at 6.5mb
which i can more or less get.
I just tried a different modem my old sagem fast800 which shows 7.7mb on the desktop but only downloads on at about 1.8mb - 2mb.

So not entirely sure what your prob is, could be a faulty modem maybe ??

I only signed up to plus net thursday week before last and have only been connected since last monday, so just finishing my 1st week, I should i think still be within my 10 days testing period too.

I can get upto 5.9mb on the website though.

Sorry i can't be of more assistance.