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help with a mentor ADSL ROUTER


help with a mentor ADSL ROUTER

hi i am having problems with a modem i just recenlty baught, i was wondering if anyone could help/ guide me on setup of it. ive tried to put in :
VPI = 0, VCI = 38

ADSL Modulation: Auto or G.DMT

Encapsulation Mode: PPP over ATM (PPPoA - RFC2364) or VC-MUX - NOT LLC-Based or PPPoE

Authentication Mode: CHAP

username,password etc.

but it still just blinks at me and randomly connects for maybe 1-2 seconds then blinks again for the rest of the time

the modem is a ADSL-MR1C modem (mentor brand) and the homepage is i plan to connect it up to my wireless router but as its not connecting at all to the net i need fix that first Sad

help with a mentor ADSL ROUTER

There is good news on the website this product is Y2k Compatable so no worries there.
There is 2 things one is the phone system and the other is the router.

Phone have you pluged it into the master socket and have you tried it without filters? Have you got all the phones filter ok. Often people put a filter into the master socket and then run a extention from it for the router which wont work because it is filtered.

Having got that right check the setting and make sure you have the username/password correct ie or what ever they gave you.
If it doesnt connect you need to get a log of what the problem is most routers have some sort of reporting to tell you whats up

help with a mentor ADSL ROUTER

heh thanks Smiley i got it fixed last night, oddly enough for an easy setup modem it wanted the dns ip's and a disconnect timer number other than 0. yay internet on non usb!