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help understanding exchange checker


help understanding exchange checker

Hi, this is my 1st post on these fourms so go easy on me please incase i am posting this wrongly Cry

I have just joined +net about a month ago and have had excellent service up until a few wks ago before i went on a 2wk holiday. before i went on hols i was d/l at speeds averaging between 80-110kb/s (on a 2mb connection), since ive been back from my hols however (about a week ago) my speed has really dropped its currently d/l at about 5-10kb/s, which is the same as dial up

from looking through the fourms ive done the exchange status checker, before i joined my VP capacity was amber, but having just completed one about 10mins ago (at time of posting) the VP capacity is now red and gives the following info:

BT is reporting that some of the virtual paths at this exchange are not operating within BT Wholesale's planning guidance, although they are still operating within the product specification.

At busy times, your ADSL connection may operate at a reduced speed, although not all customers on your exchange may be affected. You should only contact support if there is no current ETA date set.

The ETA fix time is: 06 Sep 05

Record last updated: 09 Aug 05

could someone clear up the bit about the ETA Fix time on the 6th sept please?

does this mean that i should see my d/l speed return to normal after the 6th??

thanks in advance for ur help Cheesy

help understanding exchange checker

You might, you might not.

The data used in the checker is supplied from BT. It is nothing more than an acknowledgement that something is wrong and they are attempting to fix it.

The ETA date does in theory mean when the VP issue will be cleared by.

The problem is that ETAs are not always met. They can be done before, or even after due to reasons of hardware failure, insuficient capacity or even blocked ductwork.

I can only suggest checking back once the 6th Sept has past. Be aware of the "last update" date though, so you know fresh information has been supplied.

help understanding exchange checker

cheers for the speedy reply will keep an eye on the checker and my d/l speed and will report any changes