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help team are giving me the run around


help team are giving me the run around

I've been without dsl since the 14th nov after I asked for a house move. I selected move on the 17th and connect on the 18th but they disconnected me on the 14th? Screw up No1.

I was then told I'd be activated on the 29th Nov and got an email to say it was ready to connect. I have tried 3 different modems and not 1 could get a dsl line.

BT were called and fixed a fault which has not resolved my problem. I spoke to a BT engineer and he asked me to specifically request a broadband engineer to come to my house as he suspected I had a master socket problem. My dsl had to be hard wired to the MS in order to get dsl as I am so far from the exchange.

Plusnet just keep telling me the same thing over and over and I can't seem to get it though to them that the problem is at my house! They ignore questions and its not nearly a month without dsl and they are not intersted in getting me sorted?

I'm refusing to pay for the line rental until it is sorted

help team are giving me the run around

Seems I am not alone in thinking their cust service is shoddy.

Additional info re my problem. The address I moved my account to already had plusnet and I am connected to the exact same master socket. I have tried my orignal Binatone modem, the wireless router that was used at this address prior to me moving here and also a BT Voyager 105 modem.

It worked without a fault until the day it was moved so I know for a fact nothing has changed bar the fact my ADSL line fails the sync test i.e. my ISP cannot be contacted on my line!!

I feels like they are just trying to stall me getting on line for some reason. Perhaps if they do this with enough of us then it saves them pennies. Well its false business practice as it will just lead to us leaving and ALSO spreading the word that they were not interested in helping us. What will then happen is we will advise people to stay clear of them.

help team are giving me the run around

Sick fed up with the run around I've been given, the failure to answer questions, the lack of urgency to rectify faults, the inability to carry out simple requests.

I've been offline since the 14th Nov and allegedly dsl live on the 29th Nov but still cannot get a dsl line despite several requests to get a BT engineer out.

Plusnet unable to keep up on top of issues and are not pro active in the slightest. They just react to your questions and make you feel like they are doing you a favour.

I mentioned an email fault in one of my questions and actually was told that they were investgating but they just conveniently forgot to respond and after I got annoyed about it they said it was burried in a question and I should raise another ticket! Continuity of service would help as one minute one of you are saying its been looked into and the next you are saying it has been forgotten, blaming me for asking in mid question.

Can you blame me for getting irrate.

I've given up despite the fact my problem is probably still going exist when I go to a new ISP I'm hoping they will show more enthusiasm to get BT involved and keep on top of them.