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happy chappy


happy chappy

Just got to say that I am a verry happy chapy with my +net connection right now. I just downloaded a 135 MB file in under 40 minutes at 7 PM, a few weeks ago i would not have contemplated even trying to do this download at this time as it would have taken hours to do. Thanks +net i hope these times last.

RE: happy chappy


Great news. We're happy that the repairs and upgrades have proved to be succesful. Thank you for your continued comments about our service.

We do indeed listen and act on all of our feedback regardless of the nature.

We aim to provide a service that always receives warm responces from our customer base.

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RE: happy chappy

Hey, I've read all the 'slow' posts, and thought I'd post my experiences of PlusNet ADSL.
I did have a pathetically poor upstream speed, but the upgrades seem to have fixed that. I just tried (twice) the speedtester and it claims 469 kbps downstream and 243 kpbs upstream.

That makes me very happy. Hopefully PlusNet will rise up the speed rankings on adslguide from their current, respectable, 9th place next month.

PlusNet do provide a good service - a response from the team within an hour convinced myself and colleague to subscribe.

I hope you guys keep it up. Cheers.