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frustrated & upset


frustrated & upset

Has anybody else experienced similar problems when moving house?? I have just sent the following:

Please can somebody call me IMMEDIATELY on ##########to discuss this (I only have internet access at present 9am-5pm whilst at work!)

I have tried to call your 0845 140 0200 line but keep getting told to call back later and get cut off, when previously you could opt to hold until somebody became available.

I am very angry and frustrated as to why I am being told that my broadband has been ceased but has no request to be re-provided. I called approximately a month ago and spoke to one of your advisors and gave my new address details along with my new phone number and confirmed the date at which this was to be actived ( 7days from the ceasing of my previous connection at ######).

Having received a confirmation email to confirm this I noticed that there was an error in the dates and so again I called and spoke to one of your advisors to confirm all my details and dates.

On Friday 12th May I experienced connection problems and called your helpline to check that I hadn't been cut off early (I hadn't it was because I had amended my password) whilst on the phone I took the opportunity to double check my cease and re-provide details - which were fine.

Therefore I am sure you can appreciate my frustration at being told there is no request for my connection to be provided at ########.

What then makes this even more frustrating is why my monthly payment (£21.99) has been taken on 18th May if the connection was ceased on 16th May and you hadn't for some reason logged for it to be re-provided (despite my 3 calls confirming this) - why were you taking the moneyHuh

In the very least I expect my connection to be activated at my new address within the next 24hours as we were originally expecting, and perhaps a month's free connection to recompense me for this inconvenience as I had done everything correctly to ensure a smooth transition. I have been a customer for over a year and have always found your service excellent so am extremely disappointed at encountering these problems.
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frustrated & upset


I can understand your frustration as I had some problems when I moved house.

In my case the mess up was with BT entering a wrong Post Code although I had given it correctly and this caused all kinds of confusion with PN informing me I cannot have a residential Broadband connection at a business address.

I doubt if PN will ring you at your request - they don't seem to operate this way.

I was without a connection for a week with a promise of any downtime being compensated for.

When I was finally connected I never received any reductions on my account but decided at this point that it would be a lost cause. I was just happy to finally be back on-line.

I got the distinct impression that customer service wasn't on their priority at that time Sad

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frustrated & upset

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

The unfortunate thing is I work in a customer service role at a large media group and this kinda thing really ticks me off!