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frequent disconnections


frequent disconnections

For the last week my internet keeps disconnecting randomly. I try to browse a new page and the box pops up asking me for my username and password. Sometimes it connects straight away , and other times it gives me an error message stating the "modem is alrady in use" or "not configured correctly" or the "modem did not respond". The actual error message seems to change every time.

Does this point to a broadband problem or a hardware fault?

Any Ideas?
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Plusnet Staff
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frequent disconnections


It's difficult to say, there could be a number of reasons including faulty hardware or incorrect wiring and filters or a line fault or a number of other things.

First thing to check, when the connection drops does the modem lose sync (usually indicated by a flashing ADSL light)?

If so I'd suggest having a read through this and see if it helps:

If not then I'd suggest raising a fault via our automated fault checker under connection settings on the left and we'll run some tests and try and find out what's wrong.