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face your customers plusnet


face your customers plusnet

i have read hell of a lot of posts on here regarding speeds and pings, all i have seen from plusnet is the usual "do a bt speed test".

Right Plusnet.... if you plan to get more awards and become a larger company... isn't it time you listened and replied to your customers?

you are obviously having problems supplying the level of service we have come to expect.... if this is the case then sort it........ do we presume you have problems you do not wish to discuss ourselves or is it that the people you have on this forum that are supposed to help / keep us informed of problems, actually do not have a clue?

Would we be better asking a donkeys rear end why our (not so cheap) connections and ping times are dial up quality?

to be honest.... and i think im not alone in this......... the donkey may actually give us the same quality of answers as the mods/admins on here..... well the stuff that comes out would definatly have the same aroma.

please plusnet sort the issues out and keep us informed..... im going to give it another couple of days to see if things improve... if not... then sadly i will have to leave this isp....... i have been with plus quite a long time..... it has never been this bad before.

face your customers plusnet

no response from plusnet ..... now there is a suprise :roll: :roll:
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face your customers plusnet

What do you want them to say which has not already been said, many times, in the many other threads discussing this same topic?