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extermal pop3 accounts using webmail?


extermal pop3 accounts using webmail?

How do I set up external pop3 accounts using webmail ?

I trying to use webmail to access my orange mail as I don't like their webmail. However I'm unsure what the settings for "Utilities\Multi Accounts" should be

1) UserName - OK
2) Hostname - What should I put here? Their IP address?
3) Mailserver - OK

I thought the settings would be

1)Account name
3)pop server

The help doesn't seem to provide any clues

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extermal pop3 accounts using webmail?

If you have an email mailbox called which you login to using the username fred123 and password 123fred and use the POP3 server you use the following details:

Username: fred123
Type: if the Mailserver specified is a POP3, select POP3. If it's an IMAP server, select IMAP.

This creates a new entry called (this is not your actual email address it is just Username@Hostname), which when you click it will ask for your password.


Username is what you login with to get to your mailbox and not necessarily your mailbox name.
Hostname is the domain part of your email address (the bit after the @)
Mailserver is just that the POP3/IMAP server.

Note: there was a problem with Usernames containing @ (i.e. you actually login with a username like which did not work. I'm not sure if this has been fixed yet.