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exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll


exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll

I'm running the dynamode a360 adsl modem on windows xp. Everything works fine except if i use any other login than administrator i get the above error message box pop up. I can still surf but the message box is getting annoying. I know the amecsa.cpl is to do with the modem but i'm not sure how to fix it. Sad Any help greatly appreciated.

exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll

The message sugest it is a control screen portion of the modem.

It isn't clear exactly what the error was, but sounds like it may well be a permissions issue.

exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll

YMMV, but I've found that disabling all the modem-specific gizmo apps prevents this kind of problem.

My experience is that you don't need them, and you only use the modem in dial-up networking.

You may have to go into the registry and disable all the modem-specific toys that get started automatically. You'll find they're probably launched via entries in the registry:


For a couple of clients, I've successfully disabled the ADSL/Modem-related entries from here without any adverse affects.

Naturally, you modify the registry at your own risk.
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exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll

I had this problem as well - it certainly does seem to be permissions related since it only occurs using limited accounts - administrator accounts are clear.

Rather than editing the registry directly, I prefer to use MSCONFIG - it gives a bit more visibility to what you are doing, and is slightly more easily undone if you get nasties. (Run MSCONFIG from the start menu) Take selective startup on the General tab, and then uncheck "rundll32 amecsa" on the start tab. Then "Apply" and "OK". When you next restart, the system will complain that you have used MSCONFIG - just check the "Don't tell me again" box and say "OK".

That seems to have killed the problem for me without any ill effects.

exception error amecsa.cpl.run_dll

Cheers Mossgrove. Followed your advice and error message doesn't appear.