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eprompter problems


eprompter problems

I recently upgraded to the new version of eprompter. This is a little programme that sits in your task bar and lets you know when you have new mail.

I can receive on my plusnet account but can no longer reply or compose. I normally leave the outgoing settings blank so that it uses a generic server for sending but the replies just sit in the outbox with the error messag "vsock write error".

When i input the outgoing server as, the error says relay is not permitted.

This used to work great on the older version of emprompter, can anyone please point me in the right direction?

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eprompter problems

I suggest you post your problem on the eprompter forum.

I see you already have but they are more likely to know the answer than here.

eprompter problems

Thanks Peter, have already done it.