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i know this mite be a bit of a sore point,but can some one explain to me how to set up (in detail)my sar 110 router so i can use emule as i havent got a clue how to do it,all help greatly apprieciated,,,,,,,


The default ports eMule use are 4662 (TCP) and 4672 (UDP), you can change these in eMule preferences, but you might as well leave them default.

You'll need to go into your router setup software or web based setup (commonly accessed by opening a internet browser and opening Check your routers manual to find out how exactly!

Find your port forwarding options in the router or virtual server option (the name will differ among different routers).

Set up a new port forwarding on port number 4662 and select TCP and port 4672 which is UDP, and then forward them both to your computers internal lan IP address (hopefully your router will assign your computer the same IP address every time or you have chosen to specify an IP on your computer).

You don't HAVE to do this to use eMule, but you will have a low ID on eMule if you don't.

Hope this helps!