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We cannot get used to plus net at all!

What email address do I use?
The one with 'postmaster' at the start?

Was under the impression that we could have as many email addresses as we wanted......but the extra ones have to be tagged on to the original...that cant be right surely?

I thought the address for the site was
it does not work....we have to put in!

The list goes on and on and on and on......

I dont seem to be able to get rid of trash from the mail box.....what a complicated mail box system!

Cry Cry Cry :? :?

boy! do we need help!


Hi there,

Have a read at this guide to setting up and using PN email.

If you have any further queries post back.


Thanks, but we have looked at the help page you gave, but still none the wiser, our username is jonanncris, so our address we realise is but if our son wants one his would be is this right? the jonanncris after the @ sign has to stay the same?

clearing the emails looks simple too, but we keep deleting them, or even send them to the trash and try to delete from there, sometimes they go, but mostly they keep coming back!

Told you we need help! :? lol

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your email address will be (I think they're all com, not net now).

If you want people to have separate mailboxes, you can set these up with any names you like, but Plusnet always email you via, which is your default address.
But anything else before the @ sign will get through.


You'd likely do better raising an official support ticket with PN.


well we did have two mailboxes but emails were crossing over so have finally managed to delete one!
Is there some sort of time delay on anything we do on plus net?
we deleted emails, came back later and they were still there, after a whole day they finally went.
Also what is the point of having more than one plus net email when they cross over....even with different passwords?