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email prohibited by admin


email prohibited by admin

When I try to send to a user on giointernet I get

message has not been sent server relaying to prohibited by admin

whats the problem?

Re: email prohibited by admin

They've banned your IP - u is th3 Hax00r!!!£11!

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email prohibited by admin

This isn't a ban against his IP, he would have received a warning about it if it was.

This is either a ban on sending to that domain, a misconfiguration or you are trying to send to the wrong SMTP server/right one at wrong time.

Try raising a link:contact us ticket.

Did you get this message when sending, or as a bounced reply?
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email & administrator prob

I had a similar problem a few months ago when trying to use my plus account from inside my school/Oxfordshire broadband network (controlled by OCN & others - Oxfordshire Community Network). The web sensor was picking up a tag in the URL address extention that it deemed as 'bad language' & refused to send it - eg the administrator was picking up the word 'sex' with in the tag.

Even though I had some control over the LAN with in the school, I had to get the admin guys at OCN & not to mess around with the protocol at their end to allow me to send emails.

Hope this helps.

Nick :lol: