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email problem


email problem

I've had a phone call saying I've got 750mb of email in my main email account, which is all on the server.

I've not used the account in years, I said to I'd delete it all but I cant get the account to work, I've tried it in outlook, opera, thunderbird and pegasus, and I've also tried telnet but it's timing out, or just 'attempting to authenticate' for hours.

Any ideas?

When I telnet it goes:

me: telnet 110
pc: +OK Hello there.
me: user palmer934
pc: +OK password required.
me: pass ********

..and that's all it'll get to :/

my other mailboxes are fine.

email problem

The issue you are seeing is caused by the mailbox collecting a list of all the messages when you authenticate. It should be faster after the first time it does this (for a limited time).

As it is a taking to long, i suggest asking support to delete it if you don't want to download it.

Otherwise, you can do little but keep atempting to login.

If your using a mail client to collect, then you can attempt to increase the timeout values, by a huge amount.

email problem

ah I see, cheers.

I'll leave it overnight Cheesy