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download speeds


download speeds

I am a broadband customer on the 2mb connection speed.

Over the past few days my download speeds are only a maximum of 2kbs, yet my upload speeds are normal.

Why is this ?

I have tried another router, but the fault is still there.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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download speeds

I am led to believe that Plus Net are actively limiting download speeds, especially P2P in order to allow the peak time flow to stabilise.. When I use my hub connection during non peak times it flies, if I use it during peak times it is worse than I was getting with my 56k modem and hardly worth the while trying to use.

Thats PlusNets game! But I must say its underhand and against everything they say in their advertising......

Unless someione can prove me wrong? Its certainly nothing on my software hardware connection that causes these limits and as its a hub I can view my usage directly to see what I am using and in peak times I am only downloading in bytes! never mind kilobytes!!!!!!
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download speeds

specially if your using BB+

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