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dodgy speeds that are being checked out!


dodgy speeds that are being checked out!

PlusNet have finally got round to getting BT to check my line because of the really stupid speeds i've been getting!

for eg. 2am and getting 391kbps on a 2mbps connection!

either's been like 2-3 days since they said they'd check it out and i've heard nothing since...does anybody know how long this usually takes? and what are BT actually gonna do?

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dodgy speeds that are being checked out!


I have had a ticket open for 4 weeks now. There was a problem with my line which ahs been fixed. Done another speed test but still only getting 300 kbps on a 2MB line. Ticket been with them for nearly two weeks now, and BT have come back to me to say that there is a problem in the area which they are looking into. However, what is disappointing is money that you are paying whilst this is being fixed. No way to get that back which is really annoying.

Regards Ray