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dissconnecting at least once a day.

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Registered: 10-08-2007

dissconnecting at least once a day.


I'm curious to know a little about this 'load balancing' system that you have in place. Normally I'm offered one gateway (the one that ends in 11), and the router stays connected to that for a couple of weeks at a time, now I seem to get offered a range of gateways, but not only that. On a daily basis for the last 3 days the connection is terminated from the other side and offered a different gateway from the previous.

So, is this how load balancing works, when a particular pipe is full, it moves some people over to another emptier one by disconnecting them and then reconnecting them, or more correctly, letting their routers re-connect them?.

This usually doesn't effect much apart from a couple of telnet sessions that are always open. I just want to check that daily disconnections is now what I'm going to expect and that it's not a fault with anything at the exchange or my router.




I also was disconnected this morning - did eventually get back online -but, I believe, by pure luck and a phone call to my I.T. man.
I am a new user and beginning to get a bit concerned at the level of expertise that seems required of users, as evidenced in emails.
I had thought I was buying an "install and forget" product.