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direct debit


direct debit

I applied for broadband with you on 12/09/06. but after filling in details got a bit mixed up about direct debit details.

should i have printed a direct debit form off, it was very confusing if i need to would you sent me a form out please.

I tried ringinging you today but after 17mins went to answer phone left a message with details, but no one rang.

you can e mail this address!!
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direct debit

Hi Avril welcome to plusnet and the forums

The direct debit form you filled in during the sign up process is the only DD form you need to fill in

Plusnet will then forward the details to your bank so no need to print a seperate one and as you only filled it in yesterday it will take a while to filter through

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direct debit

suggest you edit your post and delete telephone number Wink

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direct debit

Yep they should know your number, and never good to have it pubically displayed for all and sundry.

I think you're referring to whether you need to send off a printed form or whether you can fill out the bank details on-line. I am pretty certain you just need to fill the details on-line and PlusNet do the rest. The DD takes about 5 working days to set up.

I recently changed the DD details of my account, and I too wondered whether sending a printed form off would be necessary. I got the following reply to a ticket:



I would like to make the following changes to my account:

(a) Downgrade from Premier to Plus. Could you advise me if there is a charge for this, and also if there is anything else I should know.

(b) I need to change the bank details from which the payments are taken (from my account to my mothers). I had a look at the page for editing these from the portal, but I am not clear as whether I can change this information directly from the portal, or whether I would need to print out the Direct Debit form and send it to you (given it is not my account). Could you please let me know what I should do?

Many Thanks,

Alex Hunt

CSC Agent 7:54pm, Wednesday 17th May 2006
Dear Mr Hunt,
To downgrade from Premier to Plus there is a £14.99 fee, you can change your account type via the member center.

If you need to change the direct debit details you can add this via the member center directly. We offer the option to download the form as some people and business require two signitures or their accounts departments require a record of the details etc.