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dialling up on ADSL


dialling up on ADSL

I've signed up for the self-install ADSL (with no modem) as I already have a usb one.
It will be activated in probably 4 or 5 working days, so I can't use it till then. Then when I want to connect to ADSL Plusnet, I'd go to the adsl modem's dialler box and put in my username and password and click connect. This would work from what I've read. No need to put in any number to dial up? Guess not..
Just wondering though. When logged in, at my connection settings on this plusnet website. I can download a file "automatic configuration for a BT line".
If I download this and run it, would that simply set it up?


dialling up on ADSL

First things first.

Is it a ADSL modem? ADSL and normal modems are quite different.

On most modems you do not need a dialup number, as the details are setup in the configuration screen for the modem.

These types will usualy ignore any number you place here.

Those that do require it, ask that you place the VPI & VCI of the ADSL connection. This is somewhat simalar to the dialup number.

On these types, in the UK you enter 0,38 or 38,0. Which one will depend on the order your modem requires them. In any case, when your modem asks for the VPI or "Virtual path identifier", you enter 0, when it asks for the VCI or "Virtual channel identifier", you enter 38.

It should then be a case of entering your username and password into the dialup box and off you go.

Note, the username must have appended onto the username for it to function correctly in your ADSL modem. Though you use your standard username everywhere else.

The file that you can download on the PlusNet website, is intended mainly for dial-up users.

You can use this, which should create a backup entry, should you wish to use a dial--up modem when ADSL is down. This simply fills the phone number and enters the correct system details, saving you from manualy performing it.

This doesn't help at all in creating the needed settings for your ADSL connection.

What you havn't stated is what version of Windows you have. There are a few settings that you may manualy need to turn off on Windows 98. Your connection will work fine, however, it may take upto 5 mins for the authentication phase to work.
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dialling up on ADSL

I think that the auto connection file you mention is for "Dial Up" connections and not ADSL.
You should get a e-mail from PlusNet telling you all the info needed to set up your ADSL modem but you can also find it on the Customer Support pages.

Your username will change slightly and become either or
Again you should be told which one by e-mail when you are activated.